Why choose you among so many signal providers?

The service we offer to you is a result of the hard work of a whole collective of professional traders and financial analysts. Each signal you receive from Trading Academy stems from real-time analysis conducted by our team, which makes the service we offer much more reliable. That is what really makes us better than other signal providers which distribute automatically generated trade suggestions based on the subjective readings of technical indicators, oscillators, etc.

How many signals do you provide per month?

Our objective is to provide a minimum of 35-40 signals per month. While there will be no single month with a number of signals less than this guaranteed minimum, some days signals will be fewer compared to others. The reason for that is rather simple: in moments when markets are hard to guess, we prefer to remain on the quiet side, rather than put your capital at risk. That is why we choose to send signals only when there is more clarity where the markets are heading.

What information does each of your signals contain?

To begin with, we provide direct market entries only, as we believe that signals in the form of pending orders are of little or no use when it comes to precisely timing the market. Each signal comes with a stop loss (SL) and two take profit levels (TP1 and TP2).
The suggested stop loss is not picked randomly; it is always placed near key levels of support/resistance, where limiting your loss is crucial in order for your capital to be preserved.
The two take profits give you an insight where our team of professionals think it is worthwhile to book your gains. TP1 is the more conservative option, suitable for more risk-averse traders. TP2, on the other hand, is the more aggressive one, which we recommend for individuals more prone to risk.

Do you provide intra-day signals only?

We are doing our best to provide short-term signals only. However, it is impossible to guess the exact time needed for a take profit or stop loss to fill, even if the level is just a few pips away. For this reason, while some signals might last just for a couple of hours, it is possible that others would stay open for several days before being closed. What really matters at the end of the day is that your account stays profitable, and it will.

What should I do if I see a signal late and the market has already made a move?

The possible scenarios here are two: the market might have moved either in the signal’s suggested direction, or against it. In the first case, you have already missed a part of the move. Your best bet is to wait for a retracement, which will give you the chance for an entry at or really close to the level suggested by our team, or just wait for the next signal.
In the second scenario, the market move gives you a chance to make an even better entry than ours. You might want to go for it, as the market does not offer such presents every day!

Do you sometimes close trades before either the take profit, or the stop loss level is reached?

The entry, take profit and stop loss level that we suggest to our clients are by no means random. Each of them is carefully chosen after a thorough technical analysis of the corresponding instrument is made. Financial markets, however, are dynamic and sometimes the situation can change rapidly. That is why in some occasions we would close trades before either the take profit, or the stop loss level is reached. In doing that we are striving to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Do you provide customer support?

The trust clients have put in our team means a lot to us. For this reason, we provide customer support to make sure that all your inquiries are answered promptly. Trading Academy makes sure that all emails are answered within 24 hours. Sometimes, when the amount of work allows that, your questions will be addressed within less than an hour.

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