About Trading Academy Signals

What company is Trading Academy Signals, LLC?

Trading Academy Signals LLC, or simply Trading Academy, as our friends call us, is a collective of professional traders and financial analysts, each with solid experience on forex and capital markets. We have been on the market since 2016, when our trading academy opened doors for trading enthusiasts who wanted to explore the vast opportunities financial markets had in store for them. The constant effort to make our services accessible to a much wider audience gave birth to our native trading signals application in 2018, available for both iOS and Android users.

This development helped Trading Academy reach tens of thousands of users. In spite of this notable success, we gradually found out that our offering still had some limitations to meet the high demand for our services.

In an effort to open ourselves further to our existing and potential customers, we decided to move our signals to Telegram. This huge social network with a rapidly expanding user base, which currently tops 1.5 billion, helped us to further increase our online presence. The high availability of the service guarantees that our clients will no longer miss a chance on financial markets.

Why choose you among so many signal providers?

Trading Academy Signals LLC has already been around for more than eight years. The service we provide is a result of the hard work of our team of professional traders and financial analysts.

We have learnt through experience what the good practices in this market are, what works and what does not work in terms of trading signals. The thousands of happy clients who have placed their trust in us provide the best proof for the quality of our offering.

Do you provide guarantees to always keep up your good performance?

Past performance, displayed in the Results section of both the Website and the TAS Telegram channels and groups, does not provide any guarantee with regard to future performance. In some cases there are sizable differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results achieved by any particular trading software.

The possible reasons for such discrepancies include but are not limited to: differing market conditions; possible delays in the reception of signals; sharp changes in financial instruments’ prices in the interval when the signal is received and the actual trade is placed and executed; slippage; differing spreads; cancellation of orders from the broker’s side, etc. Be fully aware that trading on margin entails high risk and may not be suitable for all investors. For this reason, non-professional customers wishing to use the services offered from Trading Academy Signals, LLC should consult professional financial advisors before proceeding.

General Questions

Which trading sessions do your signals cover?

The ultimate purpose of our service is to spot the best trading opportunities the market has in store and expose them to our clients in the form of signals.

Good market timing goes beyond the boundaries of a regular trading day from 9 am to 17 pm and beyond the limits of the European, the US and the Asian trading session.

For this reason, you can expect our signals at any moment when a potentially good trade is detected.

Why are my position entry prices sometimes different from the ones in your Telegram channel?

There could be a number of reasons for your entry prices being different from the ones you see in our Telegram channel.

The possible reasons for such discrepancies include but are not limited to: differing market conditions; possible delays in the reception of signals; sharp changes in financial instruments’ prices in the interval when the signal is received and the actual trade is placed and executed; slippage; differing spreads; cancellation of orders from the broker’s side, etc.

What should I do if I see a signal late, and the market has already made a move?

The possible scenarios here are two: the market might have moved either in the signal’s suggested direction, or against it. In the first case, you have already missed a part of the move. Your best bet is to wait for a retracement, which will give you the chance for an entry at or really close to the level suggested by our team, or just wait for the next signal. In the second scenario, the market move gives you a chance to make an even better entry than ours. You might want to go for it, as this would effectively make your reward to risk ratio much higher.

What lot size do you recommend your signals to be traded with?

First and most important, Trading Academy Signals, LLC does not provide financial advice in any form. Our signals, purely educational in nature, reflect our own view on the market. Hence, the former are not meant to be used in any speculative trades where you put your capital at risk. A demo account is a safe way to test the quality of our service. If you decide to trade our signals live, which is not something we encourage, proper risk and money management is absolutely crucial. The lot sizes you trade with on your account should be a function of your account size. Given the serious hazard which margin trading poses to your capital, it is highly recommended that you do not risk more than 2% on any single trade. This, of course, is not a universal rule, as risk tolerance varies greatly among people. However, being more conservative often proves to be the better approach on financial markets, especially when leverage is involved.

Will your signals work with my broker?

Our signals are applicable to any trading platform. You just need to make sure that the instruments we provide signals for are covered by your online broker’s instrument offering.

How do I receive your signals?

We transmit our signals to you via our Telegram channels. As long as you have a stable internet connection and a subscription to at least one of our VIP channels, you will receive our signals in real-time.

Do you provide intraday signals only?

We are doing our best to provide short-term signals only. However, it is impossible to guess the exact time needed for a take profit or stop loss to fill, even if the level is just a few pips away. For this reason, while some signals might last just for a few minutes, it is possible that others would stay open for several days before getting closed. What really matters at the end of the day is that your account stays profitable.

Do you provide customer support?

The trust clients have put in our team means a lot to us. For this reason, we provide customer support to make sure that all your inquiries are answered promptly. Trading Academy Signals, LLC has a 24/7 live chat support integrated on its website. Furthermore, we do our best to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Sometimes, when the amount of work allows that, your questions will be addressed more promptly.

Can I open an account with you, so that you trade on my behalf?

No, we cannot offer this service because we are not an online broker. We are market technicians mastered in providing well-timed trading signals. While you can take advantage of our signals in any way you feel comfortable with, we want to reiterate that our services should not be taken as investment advice, nor as recommendation on speculative buying or selling of any financial instrument. Please, be fully aware that trading on margin entails high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Do you offer an EA or other tool which can directly execute your signals as trades on my account?

No, we do not offer this service. Copy trading in any form is a type of financial advice, which makes it something we are not licensed to do.

How much do you charge for your signals?

We have a number of different plans, depending on the instruments you want to receive signals for and on the duration you choose your subscription to last. You can find information about all packages here.

How accurate are your signals?

The accuracy of our signals is not constant. We have had quite a few months with no losing signal (100% accuracy). Changing market conditions and surprises to our detriment, however, have sometimes resulted in drops in our signals accuracy. The average accuracy of our signals currently stays at an impressive 78%.

Could there be a month when your results are in a net loss?

Asking this question, one should keep in mind that we are professionals but not gods. For this reason, of course, there could be a month when the cumulative result of our signals is negative. Such months though are really rare, and even in such periods we limit losses by the use of stop-loss orders with every signal

Our Service Specifics

What are your signals based on?

Each signal you receive from Trading Academy Signals, LLC is based on technical analysis, mainly focused on trend dynamics and support/resistance levels. For this reason, our calls are rather objective and precise in their nature. This is what really makes us better than the majority of other signal providers which distribute automatically generated trade suggestions based on the subjective readings of technical indicators, oscillators, patterns, etc. at different time frames.

How many signals do you provide in your VIP Telegram channels per day?

To begin with, Trading Academy Signals, LLC has 4 VIP channels, which cover the following asset classes: Forex, Crypto, Indices and Commodities. It is important to note that we do not distribute random signals, just for the sake of having a precise number of them each day. Our team is working really hard around the clock to spot proper trading setups first and then point your attention toward them. In other words, we are focused on quality rather than quantity. 

In moments when markets are hard to guess, we prefer to remain on the quiet side, so that we do not put your capital at risk. This means that in some rare occasions there could be days without signals too. Our experience though has taught us that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

With the aforementioned in mind, we are doing our best to provide the maximum feasible number of signals to our clients. You can expect the following in each of our VIP channels:

  • Forex: up to 10 signals daily
  • Crypto: up to 8 signals daily
  • Indices: up to 8 signals daily
  • Commodities: up to 8 signals daily
What do you count as a trading signal? Do you consider a position entry and a position exit two separate signals?

Each of our signals includes a suggested entry at market, three take profit levels (TP1, TP2 and TP3) and a single stop loss level (SL). In this sense, we consider a position entry, with the corresponding TPs and the SL, a separate signal. Therefore, if any of the pending orders associated with it gets triggered and executed, we do not consider this a separate signal.

If, however, we decide that the situation calls for a position to be closed at market, doing so will be counted as a separate signal from the opening one. This is quite logical, because closing a position at market contains a new instruction different from the ones included in the entry signal.

Do your signals work better with market orders or with pending orders?

First of all, we want to inform you that our website and all other services, which Trading Academy Signals, LLC has in store for you, are for educational purposes only. For this reason, none of its contents should be taken as investment advice, nor as recommendation on speculative buying or selling of any financial instrument. Be fully aware that trading on margin entails high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Second, if you decide to trade our signals, we highly recommend this is done in a demo environment only. 

Back to the question, our signals are more suited for an instant execution, as we believe the latter provides a much better way to time the market. By saying that, we mean market entry, of course.

Third, as far as closing of positions is concerned, it can be done either at market or upon a take profit or a stop loss level is reached. Thus, we do not limit ourselves to using only TP and SL levels to close a position. We constantly assess market conditions and close a position as soon as we see relevant.

What information does each of your signals contain?

We provide direct market entries only, as we believe that signals in the form of pending orders are of little or no use when it comes to precisely timing the market. Each signal comes with 3 take profit levels (TP1, TP2 and TP3) and a single stop-loss (SL).

The presence of three levels where profits can be booked, on one hand, accommodates the different risk profiles of our customers; and on the other, works towards maximization of potential gains. Stop losses, on the other hand, are always placed above firm resistance levels and below solid supports. In our perspective, it is irrational to keep positions open beyond these levels, and doing so poses serious risks for significant account damage. Please, bear in mind that signals can also be closed at market, disregarding the TP and SL levels, should market conditions call for that.

How do you reflect your signals’ performance?
Our services cover instruments spanning in four different asset classes. For this reason, coming up with a unified way of assessing the performance of every single instrument is close to impossible. We have created a methodology which gives a fair reflection of our performance, no matter the instrument under scrutiny. For currency pairs, of course, we reflect our performance in pips, which is a standard practice in the FX industry. For all other assets we have introduced the point system, modified individually based on the instrument’s price. You can find the details for each instrument in the table below.
Asset Class Instrument Price Move in USD Price Move in Points
Crypto BTC/USD 1 1
Crypto ETH/USD 1 10
Crypto XRP/USD 0.01 1.000
Crypto LTC/USD 1 100
Index DOW30 1 1
Index SPX100 1 10
Index NASDAQ 1 1
Index DAX30 1 1
Index CAC40 1 10
Index FTSE100 1 10
Commodity GOLD 1 10
Commodity SILVER 1 1.000
Commodity PLATINUM 1 10
Commodity PALLADIUM 1 10
Commodity BRENT 1 100
Commodity WTI 1 100
Commodity NGAS 0.01 100
Where can I find your signals’ statistics?

The full weekly and monthly statistics of our signals can be found on our dedicated TAS Signals Stats Telegram channelhttps://t.me/tasstats.

How do you display the result of your signals with regards to the 3 take profit (TP) and 1 stop loss (SL) level?

The major trading platforms which we have experience with have the feature of attaching just a single take profit and a single stop loss order to an individual position. For this reason, the only way for our 3 take profit levels and 1 stop loss level to be put into trading is by opening 3 separate positions. Each position will have the same SL level, but position 1 will be paired with TP1, position 2 – with TP2, and position 3 – with TP3.

Taking this approach, of course, has an effect on the way we reflect our signal’s performance. As explained above, the SL is placed at the same level, its potential execution will yield the same result, so displaying that is pretty straight-forward. When it comes to TPs though, the three positions will be potentially executed at three different levels. For this reason, we display their results separately. You can consider the two examples below to understand how this works. 

Example 1: all 3 TPs are executed. TP1 yields 35 pips, TP2 yields 80 pips and TP3 yields 110 pips. The aggregate result from these three will be 225 pips.

Example 2: TP1 and TP2 are triggered, and the third position is closed at market. The logic is absolutely the same as in the first example. TP1 yields 50 pips, TP2 yields 72, the position closed at market yields 28 pips. The aggregate result is 150 pips.

Subscription Plans, Access and Coverage

What subscription plans do you offer?

Trading Academy Signals, LLC gives you the choice between four different subscription periods: 1-month, 3-month, 1-year and a lifetime subscription. These subscription periods are universal for our four different VIP Telegram Channels: Forex, Crypto, Indices and Commodities. Customers can opt to subscribe to any of the channels they like, for the period that would best fit them. The lifetime plan covers all four instrument groups and effectively provides subscribers with lifetime access to all our VIP Telegram channels (Forex, Crypto, Indices and Commodities).

Can I share my VIP Telegram channel(s) access with someone?

No, VIP access links are personal and can be used just once. Please, be informed that submitting a link to third parties, and the resale of our signals is forbidden. Doing so will result in the direct termination of your subscription without prior notice.

Can you list all instruments covered by your signals service?

Here is a list of all instruments covered by the signals in each of our VIP Telegram channels:

  • VIP Crypto Channel: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD.
  • VIP Indices Channel: DOW30 (Dow Jones Industrial Average), SPX500, NASDAQ100, DAX30, CAC40, FTSE100.
  • VIP Commodities Channel: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Brent Crude Oil, WTI Crude Oil, Natural Gas.
Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a free trial in our free Telegram channel. This is a good way to catch a glimpse of our service and decide if you want to get the full package.

Please, bear in mind that our free trial offers only limited access to our signals. No credit card is required, as it is free of charge. Enjoy your stay!

Payments, Refunds and Promotions

What payment methods do you accept?

Trading Academy Signals, LLC accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit/debit card
  • PayPal, Stripe
Are payments to Trading Academy Signals, LLC recurring?

We do not charge recurring payments, so you do not need to cancel your subscription in order to avoid its potential automatic renewal. We do not have this practice, and we leave it up to you to decide whether you want to subscribe to our services for another period, or not. If we do not receive a payment from you by the last day of your subscription, you will be removed from our VIP channel(s), and you will stop receiving our premium content.

Do you make payment refunds?

All payment amounts are non-refundable. Even if you decide to cancel your subscription within the first day of your purchase, no funds will be credited back to your card. For this reason, please make careful consideration prior to making a payment.

Do you offer discounts, promotions or more favorable conditions?

Trading Academy Signals, LLC reserves the right to launch promotions and/or more favorable conditions. If we do, it is a matter of our choice whether to extend these promotions to our existing client base, or not. In such cases it is an existing customer who needs to request such an extension. Failure to do so and/or a decision of the company not to extend special conditions to existing customers shall not entitle the latter to any sort of compensation.