Do your signals work better with market orders or with pending orders?

First of all, we want to inform you that our website and all other services, which Trading Academy Signals, LLC has in store for you, are for educational purposes only. For this reason, none of its contents should be taken as investment advice, nor as recommendation on speculative buying or selling of any financial instrument. Be fully aware that trading on margin entails high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Second, if you decide to trade our signals, we highly recommend this is done in a demo environment only. 

Back to the question, our signals are more suited for an instant execution, as we believe the latter provides a much better way to time the market. By saying that, we mean market entry, of course.

Third, as far as closing of positions is concerned, it can be done either at market or upon a take profit or a stop loss level is reached. Thus, we do not limit ourselves to using only TP and SL levels to close a position. We constantly assess market conditions and close a position as soon as we see relevant.