How do you reflect your signals’ performance?

Our services cover instruments spanning in four different asset classes. For this reason, coming up with a unified way of assessing the performance of every single instrument is close to impossible. We have created a methodology which gives a fair reflection of our performance, no matter the instrument under scrutiny. For currency pairs, of course, we reflect our performance in pips, which is a standard practice in the FX industry. For all other assets we have introduced the point system, modified individually based on the instrument’s price. You can find the details for each instrument in the table below.
Asset Class Instrument Price Move in USD Price Move in Points
Crypto BTC/USD 1 1
Crypto ETH/USD 1 10
Crypto XRP/USD 0.01 1.000
Crypto LTC/USD 1 100
Index DOW30 1 1
Index SPX100 1 10
Index NASDAQ 1 1
Index DAX30 1 1
Index CAC40 1 10
Index FTSE100 1 10
Commodity GOLD 1 10
Commodity SILVER 1 1.000
Commodity PLATINUM 1 10
Commodity PALLADIUM 1 10
Commodity BRENT 1 100
Commodity WTI 1 100
Commodity NGAS 0.01 100