What lot size do you recommend your signals to be traded with?

First and most important, Trading Academy Signals, LLC does not provide financial advice in any form. Our signals, purely educational in nature, reflect our own view on the market. Hence, the former are not meant to be used in any speculative trades where you put your capital at risk. A demo account is a safe way to test the quality of our service. If you decide to trade our signals live, which is not something we encourage, proper risk and money management is absolutely crucial. The lot sizes you trade with on your account should be a function of your account size. Given the serious hazard which margin trading poses to your capital, it is highly recommended that you do not risk more than 2% on any single trade. This, of course, is not a universal rule, as risk tolerance varies greatly among people. However, being more conservative often proves to be the better approach on financial markets, especially when leverage is involved.